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List of 35mm WESTERN Films

Updated: Jan 19

Here is a list of 35mm theatre shown Western themed films that we have available to choose from to build your custom piece.

Western Themed 35mm Films
  • 3:10 To Yuma (c.2007)

  • Brokeback Mountain (c.2005)

  • Bronco Billy (c.1980)

  • Goin' South (c.1978)

  • Gunless (c.2010)

  • High Plains Drifter (c.1973)

  • Jonah Hex (c.2010)

  • Open Range (c.2003)

  • Return To Snowy River (c.1988)

  • Rooster Cogburn (c.1975)

  • Sweet Bird of Youth (c.1962)

  • The Apple Dumpling Gang (c.1979)

  • The Electric Horseman (c.1979)

  • The Fastest Gun Alive (c.1956)

  • The Flaming Frontier (c.1926)

  • The Lusty Men (c.1952)

  • The Master Gunfighter (c.1975)

  • The Man from Snowy River II (c.1988)

  • The Outrage (c.1964)

  • Two Rode Together (c.1961)

  • Unforgiven (c.1992)

  • Westbound (c.1959)

  • Young Guns II (c.1990)

Note: Don't see a particular Western themed film your looking for to create your own unique piece. Contact Us and we'll see if we can locate it for you.

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