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List of 35mm WAR Films

Updated: Mar 20

Here is a list of 35mm theatre shown War Drama related movies that we have available to choose from to build your custom piece.

35mm War Films
  • A Bridge Too Far (c.1977)

  • Act of Valor (c.2012)

  • Air America (c.1990)

  • Alamo Bay (c.1984)

  • Alexander (c.2004)

  • Amen (c.2002)

  • Apocalypse Now (c.1979)

  • Battleship (c.2012)

  • Brothers (c.2009)

  • Burn (c.1968)

  • Conqueror Worm (c.1968)

  • Courage Under Fire (c.1996)

  • Darkest Hour (c.2017)

  • Downfall (c.2004)

  • Flags Of Our Fathers (c.2006)

  • For the Boys (c.1991)

  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation (c.2013)

  • Good Morning Vietnam (c.1987)

  • Green Zone (c.2010)

  • Haywire (c.2011)

  • Hell to Eternity (c.1961)

  • Hurt Locker (c.2008)

  • Jarhead (c.2005)

  • The Legend of Suriyothai (c.2001)

  • Nicholas & Alexandra (c.1971)

  • Operation Crossbow (c.1965)

  • Red Dawn (c.1984)

  • Red Dawn (c.2012)

  • Red Tails (c.2012)

  • Rules of Engagement (c.2000)

  • Stop-Loss (C.2008)

  • The Alamo (c.2004)

  • The Bedford Incident (c.1965)

  • The Burn (c.1969)

  • The Darkest Hour (c.2011)

  • The Gunrunner (c.1983)

  • The Hill (c.1965)

  • The Kingdom (c.2007)

  • The Long March (c.1966)

  • The Longest Day (c.1962)

  • Troy (c.2004)

  • Twilight's Last Gleaming (c.1977)

  • Waltz With Bashir (c.2008)

  • War Horse (c.2011)

  • WindTalkers (c.2002)

  • Yanks (c.1974)

  • Zero Pilot - Caccia Pilot (c.1976)

Note: Don't see a particular War Drama themed film your looking for to create your own unique piece. Contact Us and we'll see if we can locate it for you.

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