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Everyone has a connection with a particular film. It could be a connection to a person, a place or possibly a moment in your life. With over 1375 films in our collection including Fantasies, Animation, Comedy, Horror & more we re-purpose film combining it with resin and wood. 


For example - this custom piece above utilizes 7 different strips of the actual film 'Sin City' - making this a truly unique piece of art.


All of the films we use were actually viewed in theatre and as such offer incredible detail, sharpness and colour. A truly unique way to re-purpose film into something that connects us in a tangible way to our favourite movie.


► **IMPT - Choosing Your Movie: Choose from over 1375 different movies in our collection. Message us and will send a list of the films we have available.


► The Build:

     - Film: We take several scenes from an actual 35mm movie film of your choice (the example shown here is from the Simpsons Movie) and re-purpose it by casting and encasing it in clear durable UV stabilized resin.

    - Frame: Then a custom hardwood frame (your choice of hardwoods and finishes including Maple, Oak and Walnut) to surround the artwork which is hand sanded and finished with a low voc satin finish.

    - Lighting: The final step is adding a high grade long-lasting led backlighting (5 volt) to showcase the beauty of the film. A switch is mounted on the underside to turn off the artwork when required.  Everything is included including a plug-in adapter.


► Shipping: All of our pieces are shipped by UPS or Purolator (with Tracking Included). Delivery is typically 3-4 days within North America.


► Don't see a particular film your looking for or have an idea for a custom piece - feel free to e-mail us for assistance. We have access to other movies and if it's a custom project look forward in working with you.


We are a small family-owned business with a mission to create unique designs with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. All of our products are and-made one-at-a-time in our studio in Ontario, Canada.

FILM ARTWORK (35mm) - 11.5" X 15" Frame

SKU: 0001-FF
  • Don't see a particular film your looking for or have an idea for a custom piece.  The use of film offers many different ways to display or showcase our films -  feel free to e-mail us for assistance.  If it's a custom project we look forward in working with you.

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