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List of IMAX 70mm Films

Updated: Mar 4

We have added to our collection a small number of beautiful and 'very rare' 70mm IMAX movie films. These films relate to popular movie titles including 'The Dark Night Rises', Ghosts of the Abyss, and more.

We also have a number of documentaries films that include such as Paleontology, Archaeology, Ancient Cities, the River Nile, Mars & other space related missions. We also have film that beautifully showcases the Human Body and a third that focuses on Dinosaurs & more.

These IMAX films feature amazing colourful beautifully detailed images. To truly appreciate the size of IMAX film see our Film Comparison Page which does a side-by-side comparison with 35mm movie film.

**Helpful Hint: We have added a link to a trailer that will typically show some of the scenes available to choose from the IMAX Film.

  • IMAX - A Beautiful Planet (c.2016)

  • IMAX - Africas Elephant Kingdom (c.1998)

  • IMAX - America's Music Journey (c.2017)

  • iMAX - Bears (c.2004)

  • IMAX - Born To Be Wild (c.2011)

  • IMAX - Country Music: The Spirit of America

  • IMAX - Cyberworld (c.2000)

  • IMAX - Deep Sea 3D (c.2006)

  • IMAX - Dinosaur Giants of the Patagonia. (circa. 2007)

  • IMAX - Dream Big - Engineering Our World (c. 2008)

  • IMAX - ESPN X-Games (c.2001)

  • IMAX - Extreme Weather (c.2016)

  • IMAX - Flying Monsters (c.)

  • IMAX ~ Ghosts of the Abyss - Titanic (c.2003)

  • IMAX - Great Bear Rainforest (c.)

  • IMAX - Great North (c.2001)

  • IMAX - Gremlins (c.1984)

  • IMAX - Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows (c.2010)

  • IMAX - Hubble (c.2010)

  • IMAX - Hurricane of the Bayou (c.2006)

  • IMAX - Into Nature's Wild (c.2019)

  • IMAX - Island of Lemurs: Madagascar (c.2014)

  • IMAX - Jumanji (c.1995)

  • IMAX - Kenya Animal Kingdom (c.2013)

  • IMAX - Mystery of The Nile (c.2005)

  • IMAX - National Parks Worldwide (c.)

  • IMAX - Pandas (c.2018)

  • IMAX - Presidents Kennedy's Address (Mission to the Moon) (c.1962)

  • IMAX - Roving Mars (c.2006)

  • IMAX - Santa vs. Snowman (c.2002)

  • IMAX - S.O.S. Planet (c.2002)

  • IMAX - Speed (c.2003)

  • IMAX - Star Trek III - The Search for Spock (c.1984)

  • IMAX - Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (c.2002)

  • IMAX - Storm Chasers (c.1995)

  • IMAX - The Dark Knight Rises (c.2008)

  • IMAX - T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (c.1998)

  • IMAX - The Alps (c.2007)

  • IMAX - The Haunted Castle (c. 2001)

  • IMAX - The Human Body (c. 2001)

  • IMAX - The Secret of Life on Earth (c.1993)

  • IMAX - To the Arctic (c.2012)

  • IMAX - Tornado Alley (c.2011)

  • IMAX - To The Limit (c.1989)

  • iMAX - Wings of Courage (c.1995)


  • IMAX - Aloe Blacc (Singer-Song Writer Concert Scene)

  • IMAX - Parachuting Scene

  • IMAX - JFK Address To The Nation (Apollo Mission to the Moon)

  • IMAX

  • IMAX

  • IMAX


Note: Looking for a particular scene from an IMAX 70mm film or movie to create your own unique piece. Contact Us and we'll see if we can locate it for you.

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